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Session Offerings

Choose from sessions below to cultivate your own uniquely designed wellness weekend adventure.

Medical Record Analysis

Functional Medicine Consult

Collaborate with our functional wellness practitioner to examine paths to optimal wellness with a review of your blood work and labs. 

Fresh Green Juice

Nutritional Consult

Our experienced nutritionist will help you achieve your nutritional goals and engage with you to partner in a plan for nutritional progress.

Acupuncture close up


Create opportunities for healing through acupuncture.  Eastern medicine approach to health and wellness.

White Chair

EMDR Consult

Process recents events with our certified EMDR professional if you have received EMDR previously.

Saline bag Vitamin.jpg

Optimizer IV

Load up on your vitamins with this IV that will have you feeling great!  The optimizer IV Has B vitamins, trace minerals, and Glutathione.



Learn from your body's messages that will engage you in spiritual and physical wellness.   Our body workers are trained in Reiki and EFT and will delight you with your souls wisdom for healing.

Image by v2osk

Bio Optic Iridology

A fascinating look at the markings of your eye that reflects what is happening for you in your life path and wellness.

Image by MK Hamilton


Engage you unconscious and conscious mind in helping to shift behavioral patterns and emotional mindsets to create amazing new mindsets and ways of thriving through hypnotherapy.


Dynamic Duo Biotheosis

One of our favorite offerings!  Two experienced body work practitioners will work together for immense healing, and playful revelations of your soul's journey as reflected by your body's wisdom.


Psychotherapy Consult

One of our experienced mental health clinicians will lend their experience and help answer questions about individual goals, relational questions, or assist in any areas of your life that you would invite feedback around.

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

Individual Sound Bowl Healing Session

Our talented sound bowl healer will engage in the practice of utilizing  Tibetan sound bowls, biofield tuning forks, and an E tonic halo drum to create harmony in the body and resolve discord through sound healing.

Acupuncture Tools

NADA and Meditation

Enjoy the NADA protocol for ear acupuncture which is used for relaxation and detoxification help along with some  focused meditation  work on 1:1 basis with a therapist.

Head Massage_edited_edited.jpg

Cranial Sacral Therapy

This body work relieves compression in the bones of the head, sacrum, and spinal column.  It is non invasive and uses gentle pressure to enhance the body's ability to heal.


Tunia Facial

A Tunia facial uses a 5000 year old bodywork system from East Asia to promote nourishment and vitality.  It encompasses massage, accupressure, and gentle stretching to restore the balance of Qi and blood up to the face and head in an incredibly relaxing way.

Osteopath at Work
Chiropractic Consult

Chiropractic consult and adjustment.  Feel supported by adjustments to your bodies internal support structures and feel relief from misalignment.

Amber Soberon Hi-60.JPG


Energy healing from one of our experienced Reiki Masters!!  Clear your chakras and experience powerful energy shifts with the clearing.

Image by nine koepfer


Enjoy a 1:1 session to learn about different breathwork practices that can improve wellness, meditation, and peace of mind.

Kundalini Yoga Outdoor Meditation

Private Kundalini Yoga Training

Enjoy a 1:1 Kundalini yoga session with a Kundalini yoga instructor to help you maximize the use of breath and movement for wellness.

Image by Mika Baumeister

Holistic Psychiatry

Examine  the connection between mind and body by introducing supplemental and pharmacological support which can enhance your wellbeing.  Work with our talented nurse practitioner to create a plan that enhances your overall functioning as naturally as possible.

Reiki Treatment

FAR Crystal Mat and Reiki

Bring your reiki experience to the next level by pairing it with an amazing crystal mat which helps to cleanse and detox and improves circulation while you are experiencing reiki.

Facial Treatment

Relaxing Facial

Enjoy a relaxing facial in the Beauty Bus!  Improve your skin tone, and texture, while hydrating and nourishing your skin.

Neck Massage

50 Minute massage

Relax as one of our talented body workers transports you to a serene place of ultimate relaxation, or let them work deeply on tough spots for relief.

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy Consult

Our talented PT will help develop a plan to relieve pain, increase range of motion, or strengthen focus areas for wellness.  She is hands on and will utilize the Neu X to assist with retraining stubborn areas.  Also ask her about a nervous system reset with the NeuX!

Head Massage

90 minute massage

Even more relaxation for the body and mind.  Life got you stressed?  Take a deep dive and unwind.

White Chair

EMDR Affect Tolerance Session

Our team will use EMDR techniques to start to create relief from a particular feeling state which might be challenging such as loneliness, anxiety, depression, or shame.

Amber Soberon Hi-51.JPG

Intuitive Reading

Have fun with a 30 minute remote session provided by Psychic Shirley who is a clairvoyant, clairaudient, medium and empath who has been featured on Goop, Buzzfeed, and Hay House Publishing.


Red and Blue Light Therapy

Our exciting red and blue light therapy system can create improvements in aging skin or problem skin with just one session!

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