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Welcome.  We are so grateful to share our journey with you.

     In it's literal translation,  Hara is a Japanese word meaning the center of one's anatomical body.  Yet at a deeper level, it means much more. It is one's true nature.  Directly linked to the Chinese word Dantian or "energy center", the Hara is also the center of our life force energy.  To come into alignment with our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual "center" is to come home to our most authentic, amazing selves. 

      We at Hara Health Center are sojourners on this path to full body, mind, and spirit wellbeing.  It is the embodiment and fulfillment of our cumulative professional and personal journeys and we invite you to join us.


   Our mental health center is a treatment center in the heart of Westlake Hills that offers a gentle, comfortable, and safe environment to explore  therapy with licensed masters level clinicians who practice evidence based treatments for the treatment of trauma, depression, and anxiety disorders.  We are proud to be innovators in our field.  We are trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, Psychedelic Assisted Therapies, as well as additional therapy models and practices to assist clients in achieving their mental health goals.  

     We also offer periodic Wellness Weekends to provide an opportunity for our clients to visit several wellness practitioners all in one place.  Simply choose the amount of time you'd like to invest in your healing.  Review our pages about our providers and the sessions offered.  Choose 5 sessions that you might like for each day you are participating.  Email us your selections at info@harahealthcenter.  We will confirm with you and build your schedule.  Our programming days start with breakfast at 8am and concludes between 5p and 5:30p. Daily programming includes group meditation and intention setting, group sound bath experience, and yoga or qi gong in the group setting.

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