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Practitioner's Background Info



Tammy Clouston

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Board Approved Supervisor

Owner Hara Health Center, LLC

Owner Austin Counseling Connection, PLLC


Tammy combines her life experiences with her clinical experience of nearly 30 years in various mental health settings to accompany her clients in their journey of healing. She has specialty areas of practice training, which include being a Certified EMDR professional and Consultant in Training from EMDRIA.  Her primary focus of her independent practice is trauma resolution.  She has advanced trainings from American Acadamy for Suicide Prevention, American Group Psychotherapy Association, International Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Foundation, California School for Neurolinguistic Programming and Hypnosis, and Lightworker Academy.  Tammy’s greatest joy in her professional work emerges in the moments of profound healing for her clients, which enables them to achieve previously unrealized peace and emerging joy and happiness in their lives.  She is a lifelong learner and has dedicated her professional career to helping clients heal through individual sessions and group therapy, mentoring young talented clinicians, and building empowered programs, which enable radical growth. 



Mona Adamaszek

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Owner Insight Psychiatry, PLLC


I am a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner,  I obtained my Masters of Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin.  As a PMHNP I am trained to deliver health promotion, treat behavioral and mental health concerns across the lifespan.  My approach is holistic, I find it imperative to explore the connection between the mind and body (among many other things like relationships, stress, work etc.)  My vision is to help clients find the root cause of their symptoms.  A few of the many modalities that I focus on are medication remedies, supplements, brief  talk therapy, self-care, mindfulness, socialization,  nutrition/diet and exercise.    I have been interested in the psychology of the human mind for as long as I can remember.  I have been in the field of mental health for almost twenty years.  I have in depth experience working with kids, adolescents and adults in an assortment of mental health facilities.  I have worked inpatient, outpatient, emergency observation units, detox units, residential treatment centers and community health.  My goal is to provide you with a holistic approach to managing your mental health needs.

Caleb Greer

Nurse Practitioner

Functional Medicine

Owner Dasein Health


Caleb started his graduate educational journey at Parker University in Dallas, TX, where he accrued more than 2,000 hours studying and learning manual manipulation techniques. It was during this time that Caleb became immersed in clinical neuroscience and functional medicine. Despite the fondness of physical medicine, after acknowledging the limitations in the chiropractic scope Caleb decided to pursue a different track to become a nurse practitioner. He graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in nursing from The University of Texas at Arlington and Master's degree in nursing for family nurse practitioner (FNP) at Morningside College in Iowa. Caleb has now helped hundreds of individuals across the lifespan reintroduce and optimize function through a multidisciplinary approach that integrates neurology, psychology, epigenetics, nutrition, biomechanics, and medicine.

Outside of the clinic, Caleb spends most of his time with his wife, Shyann, and son, Knox. His primary hobbies are research, practicing the piano, muay thai or engaging in other physical activity.



Jon Dollar L.Ac.


Owner Austin Meridian Therapy, PLLC


I graduated with honors in BioMedicine from Northwestern State University and received my Master of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from AOMA Graduate School of Integrated Medicine. I am currently a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist in the state of Texas, and owner of Austin Meridian Therapy PLLC. 

Over the years I have studied a vast amount of techniques and styles of practice which I regularly draw from. Though currently, I am primarily practicing a variety of Osteopathic Manipulations, Hari style acupuncture, and Neo-Classical style acupuncture and herbalism. 

Hari is a highly refined form of Traditional Japanese Meridian Therapy (Keiraku- chiryo). It is known for its sensitive bio-energetic feedback methods of pulse and abdominal diagnosis, as well as its effectiveness and pain free needling techniques. I am privileged to receive regular advanced training with T. Koei Kuwahara Sensei, and many other Japanese style practitioners, as I continually study this amazing medicine. 

Neo-Classical acupuncture and herbalism is a synthesis of early literate practices and family lineages, specialized in pulse diagnosis. I am extremely fortunate for the opportunity to apprentice under Dr. William R. Morris PhD, DAOM, L.Ac., as well as assist him with many of his seminars on a wide variety of topics. My studies and friendship with Dr. Morris laid the foundation for how I understand all approaches of medicine that I learn along the way. 

Currently, I am also studying osteopathy with Dr. Damon Whitfield D.O. He has greatly influenced my practice, and taught me a multitude of osteopathic manipulations and bio-energetic feedback methods. He has been instrumental in the process of integrating my western and eastern medical knowledge.

I am able to treat a wide variety of disorders by focusing on the inherent intelligence of the body and its ability to heal. I love to be a true general practitioner, seeing a little bit of everything, and to be challenged by interesting cases. Through a variety of diagnostic skills and th erapeutic treatment strategies, I hope to help guide you through your own path of wellness.



Katie O’Sullivan, PT, DPT

Physical Therapist


Katie O'Sullivan is proud to be a native Austinite! She started her undergraduate education at the University of Texas at Austin studying kinesiology. She then completed her graduate degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2013.

Katie has extensive experience in treating a wide range of injuries from ankle sprains, post surgical care, that nagging back pain, and caring for athletes of any age. She believes the human body has an amazing potential to heal and recover given the right environment and tools. She has a particular passion for spine care, and has been

trained in the McKenzie method which is a program of assessment treatment and prevention strategies. She loves to help people reach their goals and return to their favorite activities.

In her free time she enjoys reading nonfiction, running, pilates, and being outdoors.



Martha B. Marshall, M.A., LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor


I am a Licensed Professional Counselor. I received my Master’s of Art in Counseling from St. Edward’s University. For several years, I worked at Northwest Counseling & Wellness Center ( in Austin, TX which is a holistic treatment center integrating eastern and western philosophies of healing to address the mind, body and spirit in treatment. I have experience with dual diagnosis clients.  
Currently I am in private practice, and own Wild Basin Wellness. I am developing more and varied treatment modalities to help clients notice their ability to observe and challenge themselves. I try to engage different sensory information as well as connecting conscious and subconscious beliefs and skills. I am certified in the NADA protocol for auricular acupuncture which is used for relaxation and detoxification help, especially for addiction recovery. I continue to train and collaborate with inspired mentors and therapists to bring best practices to my clients.

I base my approach on Interpersonal Neurobiology (IPNB) and the work of Daniel Siegel, Somatic Experiencing (SE) and the work of Peter Levine, as well as the practices of mindfulness and compassion, especially as researched by University of Texas professor Kristin Neff, Ph.D. I encourage and support all forms of spirituality and consider mind, body and spirit in all treatment planning for clients.  


Jon Whatley

Registered Massage Therapist

Owner Divine Source Code


I came into this world curious. I was always in trouble for taking things apart. My mom still has a picture of me when I’m 8 years old dismantling her vacuum. Maybe it’s a cosmic thing having to do with my last name starting with WHAT. WHATever the reason a deep need to know is not only in my blood but in my bone matrix.

This curiosity exploded when in 1995 I began my journey of awakening in Massage Therapy School. I quickly awoke to the fact that there is a lot more going on with the body than meets the eyes and hands. I was set on fire with a passion to help others and an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Furiously devouring information by Barabara Brennan, the Seth Material, Kryon, Deepok Chopra, Greg Bradden, Bruce Lipton, Osho and countless others.

I now have a profound understanding of the languages of the Body, the Heart, the Mind and the Spirit. More importantly I perceive and am well versed in the language that unifies them all. Knowing this Soul-Language that arises out of our Divine Source-Code something as seemingly unimportant as a cut on one’s index finger contains volumes of information. One’s mental and emotional limitations aka perceptions, beliefs and expectations are reflected in the body. As I began to fully grok this, my view of the Healer and Healing changed dramatically.   

I know now that every type of Healing is the result of Reconciling corrupted consciousness. Once, erroneous consciousness patterns are cleared within someone they heal from the inside out. Someone Healing someone else is a misperception. We can help people heal, but ultimately it is an internal process. Health and Wellbeing are natural states when our thoughts, feelings and words are not full of dis.ease.  I believe there is a large scale paradigm shift around the corner. When this understanding of where and what dis.comfort, pain, ill.ness and dis.ease are it will change every Healing Modality from massage to every medical practice.   truly happens

In my sessions, I help people Reconcile their false perception so they can align with their true-self…their innate Divinity where wellbeing springs from eternally. I help free up and empower others by teaching them how to perceive, understand and utilize the unifying language of the Soul for themselves. I take the mystery out of mysticism and spirituality, and put the keys in the individual’s own hands. I help others wake up to the consciousness blocks holding them back and empowers others with self-awareness and easy to use tools.


Katherine Lott

Registered Massage Therapist

Owner Indwell


As a child, growing up on the High Plains of Texas, I found that the ability to see far off into the distance was a comforting thing. I am from Lubbock and even though this dusty town is not known for it’s natural beauty, the barren landscape has not only inspired me but many creative souls from musicians to visual artists, songwriters, and more.

      For the last 20 plus years, I have made my living as an abstract impressionist painter and healing arts professional. I am drawn to the arts as was my family of origin. There is a certain environment that is created at the junction of Art, Architecture, and really great food. You will find me smack dab in the middle of that most days. I think of myself as and curator creating spaces where authentic expression and truth are celebrated. For me personally Healing arts, culinary arts, and visual arts are all at my core of being a thriving human.

     I entered the world of healing arts in 1995 as a massage therapist. Over the years I have discovered many wonderful modalities that have increased my knowledge of the body and its inherent wisdom and ability to heal itself when in proper balance. The connection of Body, Mind, and Spirit has been a fascinating journey for me personally as well as professionally. In the last 10 years, my studies have led me into understanding more about how our unresolved emotional traumas can create physical symptoms of Dis-Ease. Discovering disharmonies in our emotional bodies can when coaxed out gently into a loving environment be transformed into a more resonant way of being. Over the last 5 years I have been trained in a modality called Bio optic Holographic Iridology that has been very insightful and transformative for my clients.

     Potentially, when a person can achieve what we in the biz refer to as Homeostasis or balance they can drop into their parasympathetic nervous system and a feeling of ease and general wellbeing. In my experience, this shift happens from the inside out and as a direct result of how we feel about the inner dialogue or narrative we are spinning. When we can take 100% responsibility for the story we are creating then we can rewrite our script into a way of life that is expansive and life-sustaining with ease. Our words truly matter as in DNA matter. My teacher Bob Stephens told me “Every word we speak is but a prayer coming into manifestation, so speak only what you wish to receive”. The Scripture says “And the Word shall become flesh”. Sounds like an ongoing phenomenon instead of a one-off thing.

     Once I began to use this principle and have it actually create miracles in my life I had the green light to practice this with others. I witnessed a shift in my practice and my life from being Co-Dependant to becoming Co-Empowered. I go direct to Source first for me and then I can serve others. Love your neighbor as yourself is truly the best way.




Amber Soberon

RYT of Kundalini Yoga

IFPA Certified Personal Trainer

Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher

Owner Ole Sante-Holistic Arts and Wellness Enhancement


 I was born in New Jersey, sun-brewed in New Mexico, and currently sprinkling love and light in Austin, Texas.  I have always been a sensitive spirit with a strong desire to help others.  From a very young age, I have felt a strong connection to source ( Life Force Energy) and have a strong capacity for clairsentience. (Clairsentience is  defined as a “clear feeling.” It refers to the ability to feel the past, the present, and the future emotional state of other people, even without using any of the five senses- sight, smell, hearing, tasting, or touching. It is also referred to as the sense of intuition because people who also have clairsentient abilities can gather information from non-living materials such as buildings or outside areas also without the use of the five senses.)  Reiki is the perfect path for my abilities to connect, assist with healing, and provide guidance that comes from the individual’s connection to source.  My holistic wellness journey began with fitness and personal training endeavors from 2000 to the present, over 15 years of yoga practice, and finding a solid passion for Reiki, Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation.  As a Reiki Master/Teacher and Yoga Teacher, I been a practitioner for over eight years.  My intuitive spirit gives me guidance and confidence in living a life of holistic wellness for myself, my family, friends, and clients.  The sprouting of her "baby gurus" (Isaac and Sofia) significantly strengthened her desire to go against the mainstream and utilize natural remedies to aid in any of life's challenges.  I find absolute delight in lifting others.   I am so grateful I have aligned with my calling to be of service to others within my Reiki Practice.  Yoga has been a part of my life for over 20 years, combined with physical fitness and nutritional guidance.  My practice has helped me grow stronger, more flexible, and fearless, both on and off the mat.  Yoga inspires me to live each moment more mindfully.  I will always be a student of the practice and am deeply grateful for the loving wisdom my teachers have shared with me.   I love to infuse Reiki into my sessions as well as a spirit of playfulness and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen the client’s practice.  I seek to help others thrive in life by nourishing body, mind, and soul with yoga, and I hope that you step off the mat feeling refreshed, nourished, and balanced.


Miranda Wheatherly

Registered Massage Therapist


I started massaging full time in 2019 and fell in love with helping people feel better in their bodies. I have an educational background in health sciences, which has taught me the importance of doing everything we can to allow the body to heal itself. The most direct way to do this is by addressing and calming the central nervous system- who knew that relaxing could be so good for you?!   When you experience a massage with me you can expect a relaxing session tailored to your individual needs. I specialize in Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports massage.


Jenna Manders

Yoga Instructor


This native New Yorker came to yoga over a decade ago, finding a practice that was the perfect complement to her training as a triathlete. After suffering a knee injury, life took an unexpected shift. Yoga took a front seat to her life, as she dove into the history of the practice and the more meditative and ancient magical aspects. Students come to Jenna's classes to find moments of peace while enjoying creative sequencing, good music and a healthy dose of humor. Jenna offers her students a path to experiential learning with a well-rounded practice and meditation. Through her continuing studies and practice, she strives to help others turn inward, outward, onward (and downward and upward!)


Lisa Kaspar


Owner Pura Vida Spa


Lisa started Pura Vida Spa after a long stint in the business world.  Having problem skin as an adolescent, she pursued her passion for skin care.  From the first day of class, she was sure she had found her calling.  She is extremely customer service oriented and treats each client with the upmost care.  If you need a relaxing hour away from it all, a skin problem that needs some help, a beautiful glow, or removal of that pesky hair, Lisa is the best choice for the job!

Shirley Lipner


Shirley Lipner is a clairvoyant, clair-audient, medium and an empath. Her comedic edge and psychic gift combine to provide each of her clients an accurate, powerful and always lighthearted perspective. Psychic Shirley began her path 30 years ago as a comic doing a cable public access show, calling herself 'The Psychic Housewife’. What began as entertainment turned into a calling that has brought her to present day. Psychic Shirley works like an energetic chiropractor, seeing what's out of alignment and lending advice for small adjustments that can help energy flow more productively. Together, these subtle shifts can lead to a life consciously lived by the client. Psychic Shirley has been featured in GOOP, Buzzfeed and Hay House Publishing.

Kim Love


Owner The Love Method

Over 30 years ago, I started on a quest to find personal happiness and health.  In 1995, I received my degree in nutrition, and that same year found a meditation teacher, and began meditating every day.  Yet, it wasn’t until I discovered how to bring everything INSIDE with foods, and practices, that I was able to heal from a physical illness, and also to find happiness, health and self love.  From this, my methods were born, and starting in 2008, my team and I have had the gift of serving thousands of clients, with proven innovative results-driven methods to create the body, health, and life of their dreams.

Andy Bishop, LAc., MSOM, Bsc


My interest in natural medicine began 20 years ago with a seminar in medical herbalism during my undergraduate career in botany. In the intervening years, I studied traditional foodways, folk herbalism, medical herbalism, traditional martial arts, qigong, and that culminated in moving to Austin and eventually getting national board certification as a Diplomate of Traditional East Asian Medicine. As such, I am licensed to practice acupuncture and herbal medicine by the Texas Medical Board. I also utilize different styles of traditional Asian bodywork such as Tuina and Guasha, and my practice is highly informed by contemporary osteopathic medicine and research-driven nutrition. Although I’ve been privileged to study under a number of teachers that have taught me so much, the lineage of acupuncture I draw from the most is a very effective and pain-free Japanese style called Keiraku-chiryo. My teacher T. Koei Kuwahara Sensei has been practicing it for over 40 years. Although it is a Japanese tradition, it draws from some of the oldest texts of medicine in the world from China, containing an advanced system of both internal physical medicine and energy work. I also practice a family lineage of Chinese acupuncture called Tung Style Acupuncture, named after the most recent progenitor of the lineage to teach widely in the States. It is known for being impressively effective for the treatment of pain, among other things. Lastly but not least, through countless symposia, seminars, intensives, and continuing education in clinical nutrition and research-driven medicine over the past 10 years, I am able to seamlessly integrate these approaches into the treatment strategy for my patients. Traditional Asian medicines are increasingly recognized as among the most complex herbal medicine systems in the world, especially in the midst of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, where the medicine has really shined. I use this wisdom in tandem with the insights of clinical science and a modern nutritional approach to tailor the treatment to the unique person in front of me,and provide the best that I can in compassionate, holistic care.

Reba Weidner, LMT

Sound Bowl Healer/ Massage Therapist

I began awakening to “music as medicine for my soul” at the early age of seven, when I started taking piano lessons. Remaining committed to weekly lessons and yearly recitals all the way through high school, I then received a music scholarship to Texas Lutheran University. My professor Anita Windecker, a brilliant teacher of visualization and melodic voicing techniques, inspired my fascination with harmonies that resolved discord, dynamics that awakened my emotions, and the power of silence (rests) within a piece. What I still love most about sharing music is the power of sound as a universal language for connecting with the soul. 

For fear of becoming a “starving artist” I sought a second degree in Speech Communication and a Masters in Education at Texas State University. For 10 years I enjoyed my livelihood as a head tennis coach and speech & debate teacher.  This fun and fast pace career was at the medical magnet Health Careers High School (San Antonio, TX). Ironically, I was giving little attention to my own diet, self-care, and balancing personal and professional life. By 2008 I was faced with a very challenging health crisis, that led me out of my teaching role and back to being a student. While doctors and specialists were trying to pin-point all of my gastric and cardiovascular troubles, I ran to Austin for weekend Macrobiotic seminars at Casa de Luz and delightful restorative yoga experiences with deep vibrational Tibetan sound bowls. Still on my healing path, by 2010 I enrolled in the Natural Epicurean Academy of Culinary Arts. From a variety of  great instructors and guest lecturers in the world of Macrobiotic and Ayurvedic philosophies, I learned details of how my constitution and condition all played into the "spirit-mind-body" model of wellness.  

In 2013 I became a Licensed Massage Therapist, through Academy of Massage Therapy (San Antonio, TX), and focused on Cranio-Sacral techniques. I expanded my interest with Marma Point and Pulse Analysis summer intensives (2017) taught by Dr. Vasant Lad at the Ayurvedic Institute (Albuquerque, NM). This ancient wisdom truly resonates with me and has come full circle back to harmonious healing sound waves and continuous flow rhythms within the body. By using a full scale set of Tibetan sound bowls, Biofield tuning forks, and an E tonic halo drum I serve clients desiring deep multi-faceted healing.  Believing that true healing comes from Divine Source within each person, I simply assist others to experience Rumi’s wisdom of “listening to the sound of waves within you”. And with a slight tweak of Nikoli Tesla’s quote, I encourage them to seek wholeness:  “If you want to find (know) the secrets of the (your) universe, think (feel) in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” 

Chandler Collins, DC


Advanced Applied Kinesiology Practitioner

Dr. Collins has over two decades of in-depth study of health, physiology, nutrition, and healing. As part of this journey, he has created a boutique healthcare practice that distinguishes itself by extensive one-on-one work tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Sessions with Dr. Collins emphasize plans and treatment designed to address the complete structural, chemical, and psychological needs of each person. No two people are alike. As such, the advanced muscle testing techniques employed by Dr. Collins allow the treatment session to be guided by the highest priority revealed by that person’s body, in that moment.

Dr. Collins has extensive training and experience in nutrition, athletic injury evaluation, functional blood chemistry analysis, functional neurological assessment, and the resolution of common structural complaints like back and neck pain. He strives to find the root cause of any ailment his patient faces, facilitating the complete health and wellness of each person.

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